How to Join

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How to Join

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It’s always important to get off to a good start when beginning something new so we have put together a simple start up procedure for those joining our school. Once you have watched one of our classes and feel confident to get started you will be required to provide us with some information about yourself.


An initial registration form must be completed for each new student required for health and safety records, including a brief medical history and emergency contact details.

All information is held confidentially on our student data base.
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Annual membership

All students/instructors are required to hold a valid membership with Thames Valley Taekwon-Do & Korean Kickboxing. Valid for 12 months applications for renewal must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the expiry date.  To ensure a continuous membership record our monthly fee structure includes the cost of renewal over a 12 month period and offers the following items:
  • TVT annual membership
  • UKTA annual membership
  • ITF annual membership
  • BTC annual insurance & public liability cover

Starter Packs

We have introduced several starter pack options offering outstanding value to all new beginners to help with the initial cost involved with taking up Taekwon-Do & Korean Kickboxing. 

Basic TKD Starter Pack

  • Annual membership & training licence
  • TKD training suit/belt
  • TVT T-shirt
  • 1 month unlimited training
  • UKTA Today publication

Premium TKD Starter Pack

This provides all the benefits of the ‘Basic Starter Pack’ but with the additional advantage of a 3 Month Premium Membership.

This unlimited training period is aimed to support a positive start to those able to offer a higher level of commitment towards regular training and is based on a minimum of 24 training sessions averaging 2 sessions per week. The Premium Starter Pack is designed to help guide highly motivated new students through a ‘fast track’ development programme towards yellow belt and includes both the initial 3 month unlimited training period plus all grading fees to yellow belt/novice level
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