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Master Andy Whiteley - VII Degree

Master Andy Whiteley was a comparative latecomer to Taekwon-Do. With a background in Judo he started training in Reading with Grand Master Paul Cutler in 1984 before promotion to I Degree in 1988.

Gaining his first international medal success at the 1990 World Championships in Canada he continued at World, European, and National level competition until 2006. As the England Team Captain 1994-98 he progressed to the position of Head Coach until 2006, performing demonstrations for HRH The Queen in 2002, and HRH Princess Anne in 2004.

Achieving Master status in 2007 with First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, he accepted the position of ITF France Technical Director for which development he is still committed. As an International Instructor and Umpire he continues to lead Thames Valley Taekwon-Do, its students and instructors into the future.
Master Andy Whiteley

Mr Kevin Pilkinton - VI Degree

Mr Kevin Pilkinton has been training at Thames Valley since 1991 achieving V Degree in 2007 with First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha.

His precise approach and in depth knowledge to performing all aspects of technique is an inspiration to all students and instructors alike.

His teaching responsibilities at Thames Valley are focused on classes for Advanced/Elite levels. As a National Class A Umpire he attends most UK competitions as an official referee.

Mr David Tee - V Degree

Mr David Tee is responsible for training both senior as well as junior classes at Rivermead.

With a varied Martial Arts background including Ninjitsu he enjoys every aspect of teaching and performing Taekwon-Do technique with explosive effect, especially power breaking.

Gaining his IV Degree with First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha in 2011 he is also a regular on the national competitive circuit as a National Class A Umpire.

Mr Laurence Hand - V Degree

Biography to follow.

Mr James Dilley - III Degree

Mr James Dilley began training in 2003 achieving black belt status in 2010. As a prolific individual colour belt medal winner at national level he was awarded UK Senior Overall Colourbelt Champion 2010.

He then progressed to black belt and further international competitive success with a 4Nations England team Gold in 2010, followed by individual Bronze in Estonia 2011 at the European Championships.

With a superb level of fitness, powerful and accurate  technique, he covers all areas of instruction for Thames Valley.

Mr Spencer Brooks - III Degree

Biography to follow.
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